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smartwardebate's Journal

Intelligent War Debater
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This is a community for INTELLIGENT WAR DEBATE. If you're pro-war, great. If you're anti-war, great. Tell me why. I don't want people here who can't back up their opinons. I'm not into censorship, but I will get tough on the type of posts here. If you think Bush sucks, then great. I don't want to know about it, I want to know why. Give me dates, details, quotes, reports, statistics, and reasons why. "He stole the election!" is not a reason. If you think Bush is god, awesome. Tell my why. "He's got a high approval rating!" is not a reason. Tell me what you think. Don't post forwarded spam or chain letters to stop the hate. Don't let us know when the latest protest will be [there are places for that and it's not here]. If you want to post an article or quote, back it up with what you think, why you think that. We're a self-moderating community and you'll probably be asked what the hell your post had to do with intelligent war debate [as some people have already found out].

Tell me why you're pro-war. Tell me why you're anti-war. Tell me why Bush is the Axis of Evil. Tell me why you believe Hussien is the worst scum of the earth. Tell me why war scares, excites, demeans, worries, or hurts you. Post legitimate and thoughtful questions. Be prepared to back yourself up. No hand-holding here. If you get jumped on, it's because you probably said something assheaded. If you feel you've really been flamed in error, mail me. If I think it's wrong too, I'll write the other person involved.

I will censor little. I reserve the right to censor posts enouraging hate crimes, rape, and other such serious offenses. Don't be a dumbass. I expect most (if not all) members to be adults or at least conduct themselves as though they are. I expect intelligence and sincere debate. I expect sarcasm and some cynicism. I expect debate. I expect proper grammar and spelling. If YoU TyPe LiKe tHiS, stop. Now. If you spel dif cuz u kewl wit dat, stop. This is an intelligent community.

This is a pretty active community for a fledgling. There's some heated debate and you should know what you're saying before you jump into it. There's lots to say and lots to be said. Our debates go pretty long, sometimes 20+ comments. Be sure to check back to see what's been said because you might have something to say.

We started with a post originally seen in sfbayarea, asking several pertinent questions to those who oppose the war. Feel free to post your own questions or beliefs. Put long posts behind lj-cuts. Observe nettiquite. It's easy. Have fun.