psychoticfallen (psychoticfallen) wrote in smartwardebate,

What in the Fuck is Intelligent War(t) Debate?

Debate by intelligent folks about war, I assume. I have trouble believing that exists though. I support the war because I have to. It is ongoing and my taxes pay for it. But, it is stupid as fuck, the only people who have any good reason to fight it are the iraqui resistence because it is a person's country, not a king's or an elected king's.

So, as it is stupid, emotionally, and on the more passionate side of my intellect, if there be a difference, I cannot support it. War may be inevitable, so imuch so that I cannot call for punishment to war crimes, the whole thing being a crime of which we are all guilty and so all exempted, but it is unecessary to shed blood to fight it.

We are empty-headed blackhearted masochists, the lot of us, so for what in the fuck are we fighting, I ask you, what?
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