Brandoch Daha (ticktockman) wrote in smartwardebate,
Brandoch Daha

Today's letter to the President

I sent this to

Subject line: Recant! Repent! Withdraw!

Dear Mr. President,

Your policy to continue exposing US troops to danger is wrong. The invasion of
Iraq was a terrible miscalculation. You have been badly misled by your
advisors. Our occupation of that nation will not stop world terrorism, or even
slow it. Our men and women have died in vain.

Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop.

I do not know if you believe your advisors and are a victim of their lies, or if
you are knowingly lying to the American people about Weapons of Mass
Destruction, a link between 911 and Iraq, the Niger/uranium "deal",
and all the rest.

Our forces have used kidnapping of innocent people as a tool. Our forces have
reintroduced Napalm into war, and then lied about it.

You have turned the United States into a world image of brutality and stupidity.
I am ashamed of what you have done in my name.

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