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Conservatives, convince me, please!

disclaimer: I'm posting this for a friend of mine who wants feedback. Please comment!

Give me a good reason to support the Bush Administration's war with Iraq.

At first, it was National Security. Can't argue with that. Hey, I don't like missiles flying overhead any more than the next guy. So we sent in inspectors. They didn't find any weapons of mass destruction. So, we decided war was the answer. Some countries in the UN opposed us because we had nothing concrete to base our accusations on, so we pulled a "we're bigger than you, and we do what we want" on their asses. Seems funny to me that the leaders of the free world, the most advanced country as for as democracy goes, would be willing to operate on a "guilty-until-proven-innocent" basis.

Then, to avoid any stickiness that could come with finding out that there actually were no weapons of mass destruction, "Dubya" changed the reason why we were going in 2 days before we launched missiles. Iraqi liberation!! How noble!! We care that much about the Iraqi people that we don't want them getting pushed around anymore. Doesn't matter that our economy is sagging... Doesn't matter that we have bigger issues at home to deal with. We've got to save the Iraqis from a tyrannical leader!! (We don't mind the tyrannical leader in Pakistan because he's been cooperative with us so far... I'm talking about the Lieutenant General of their Inter Services Intelligence, Mahmood Ahmed, the real guy in charge)

So anyway, USA Today says that 60% of Americans whole-heartedly support everything about the war, and 5-out-of-6 of them think that Iraq was the country behind September 11th. Smart crowd.

Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL) is coming to a close, and Syria is on deck. North Korea, a country with real weapons of mass destruction, has not really been addressed, and my bet is that most Americans know next to nothing about that country. The "Dubya" administration has successfully fooled the majority of Americans into thinking that the war was a necessary step towards our safety, and soon our economy will be booming thanks to the rebuilding our massive corporations get to do over in the broken Iraqi cities. Are we humanitarians or what! Oh yeah, and the company that gets to do all the oil cleanup and restructuring is Halliburton (Vice President Dick Cheney is the former CEO of this group... nudge nudge). Sweet deal for them, if you ask me.

Sorry, it just bothers me that the stupidest President in our history could pull the wool over everyones eyes so damned easily. I can see him giving the rest of us that patented *wink* of his as we speak.

Summary: I think Dubya took us to war to fix our economy (the easy way).
He's also gonna lower our gas prices. He couldn't say that this was our reason for going to war; that would not be acceptable in the eyes of anyone. So we went for security, then because we want to liberate people, and now we get to reap the benefits. Sleazy.


ps: Number of weapons of mass destruction found and/or used against us during the war: 0

pps: I support our troops 100%. May they all return home safely. I disagree with the Bush administration's idealogy 100%. That's all.

ppps: I am not "unpatriotic," as so many "hook-line-&-sinker" conservatives like to call those of us that do not support the war. I am very patriotic. This is the best country in the world, in my opinion, and I thank the men and women who fought for my rights with all of my heart. It was their courage that has allowed me to have this very opportunity to air out my feelings.
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